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Lily Laskine Harp Competition

Rules 2011

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Bertile Fournier, creator of the Lily Laskine harp Competition in 1993 and president of the Association of Friends of Lily Laskine, died on April 27th of this year. The seventh Competition, which benefited from its invaluable advice during its preparation, will be completely dedicated to her.

Article 13 – Prizes and prizewinner concert

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris - The Salvi House will offer a Minerva Concert-Grand Harp to the winner.

The winner of the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris will benefit from various engagements offered by:

The Association des Amis de Lily Laskine
The Festival de harpe en Avesnois

The Festival de Gargilesse

The Festival Septembre Musical de l'Orne

Second Prize - Victor Salvi Fondation Prize: 7 000 €

Third Prize - “To the memory of Jean-Michel Fournier" offered by Penny and Aldo Osti: 4 000 €

Fourth Prize - Prize of the Association Lily Laskine : 3 000 €

Prize for the best performance of the new piece composed for the contest by Ivan Fedele offered by the Sacem : 2 000 €

First Junior Prize: a student harp offered by the Salvi House

Second Junior Prize offered by Calpers Hotels Group: 1 500 €

Third Junior Prize - Catherine and Philippe Huguet Prize: 500 €

The Association Jeunes Talents will propose an engagement to one of the winner of his choice for a concert in the Archives Nationales. A CD recording will be organized by the Association Jeunes Talents during this concert and this CD will be edited.

Prize-winners will be called upon for further performances. The Competition Organisers should not be held as responsible for troubles, which might crop up in the organization of these events.



The applicants have to mail a full application to the Organisers by no later than Saturday, 21 May 2011 by post (date on postmark).



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