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Concours Etienne Vatelot

Rules 2011 - Insurance

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Article 14– Insurance

14.1 The participants must insure their instruments, bows and cases themselves, for the entire duration of the competition, including transportation from the participants' premises to the competition hall and back, without interruption.

14.2 – Consequently, the competition organizers, persons for whom they are responsible, other participants, and all associations, persons, and companies that offer assistance in any form whatsoever, may not be held responsible for damage that instruments, bows, and cases may be subject; participants and candidates agree to forego all claims against the organizers, associations, companies, and persons mentioned above.

14.3 – Furthermore, each contestant remains responsible for the pecuniary consequences of his or her personal liability arising from damages of any nature (including bodily injury) caused to third parties due to instruments, bows, cases, or his or her presence or participation in the competition. By express agreement, no action may be taken against the persons mentioned in article 13.2 in this connection. Although this is not mandatory, candidates are advised to insure themselves against such risk.


bulletin d'inscription Contestants must return application forms duly completed before September 15th, 2011 by email or by postal mailing.

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