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Concours Etienne Vatelot

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Concours Etienne Vatelot

Violin and bow making competition


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A – Characteristics of instruments and bows accepted for entry in the Competition

Article 4

Instrument makers may present at the most two instruments, which must belong to two different categories (i.e. one violin and one cello, or one violin and one viola, etc.).

Bow makers may present at most two bows, which must belong to two different categories (i.e. one double bass bow and one viola bow, or one violin bow and one cello bow, etc.).

It will be possible to take part in the competition as both instrument maker and bow maker provided that the above conditions are met.

Article 5

Instruments and bows entered must have been made entirely by the contestant within the two years prior to the competition.

The instruments must be made of wood.

Article 7 – Bows

The stick must be made of pernambuco wood. The frog must exclusively be made of ebony and silver or ebony and gold.




bulletin d'inscription Contestants must return application forms duly completed before September 15th, 2011 by email or by postal mailing.


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