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Concours Etienne Vatelot

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Concours de lutherie Etienne Vatelot

Entry to the Competition - 2011

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Article 8

8.1Contestants must return application forms duly completed before September 15th, 2011 by email or by postal mailing to the following address:

Concours Etienne Vatelot
5 passage Piver
75011 Paris – France

(Given the hazards of postal mail, the applicant will send an email to mention the mailing date of his application)

• the application form, duly completed, dated and signed, bulletin d'inscription

• The entry fee is 130 € for the first instrument and 100 € for the second. For bows, the entry fee is 75 € for the first instrument and 50 € for the second. Fees must be sent at the same time as the application.

• by email , a curriculum vitae and one photograph (13 cm x 18 cm) of the contestant bearing the name of the photographer and permission to publish.

8.2Payment methods (participants must send this sum net of any extras charges or costs relating to participation in the competition):

- by French cheque in Euros in favour of ACDA,

- by a foreign bank drawn in Euros on a French account in favour of ACDA,

- by bank transfer in Euros - RIB pdf

- by international postal mandate in Euros in favour of ACDA,

- by cash money in Euros.

No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or non-participation.

Article 9

Instruments and bows will be shipped in their cases in one or more crates. Covers of crates will be screwed shut and not nailed, so that they may be removed intact and re-used for return shipment of instruments and bows to their owners. The addressee and the contestant’s name and address must be printed on each crate, on two sides.

Article 10

Each instrument and bow must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, intended for the Organizing Committee, and placed in the package, containing:

• the last name and first name of the instrument maker or bow maker;

• his or her exact address as well as the address where the instrument or bow is to be returned;

• the place and date of construction of the instrument or bow;

• authorization to make small adjustments to the instrument or bow as part of the requirements of conducting the competition. Adjustments will be made by instrument makers or bow makers authorized by the Organizing Committee.

A spare set of strings must be placed in the package along with the instrument.



bulletin d'inscription Contestants must return application forms duly completed before September 15th, 2011 by email or by postal mailing.

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