Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris

Concours Etienne Vatelot
violin and bow making competition

Competition December, 5th to 13th, 2004

Bibliothèque historique de la Ville de Paris

rules 2004





Article 1

The Étienne Vatelot Violin and Bow making Competition will take place from December, 5th to 13th, 2004, at the “Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris, within the framework of the “Concours Internationaux de la Ville de Paris”. It is organized by ACDA (Association for Creation and Diffusion Artistic).

The aim of the competition is to reward instrument makers and bow makers whose work is most representative of modern-day craftsmanship. The Jury will judge contestants on maturity of style, dexterity of handiwork, and sound quality.

Article 2

The competition is open to professional instrument makers and bow makers of all ages and nationalities in the following categories:

- violin

- viola

- cello

- double bass.


Article 3

3.1 – Instrument makers may present at the most two instruments, which must belong to two different categories (i.e. one violin and one cello, or one violin and one viola, etc.).

3.2 – Bow makers may present at most two bows, which must belong to two different categories (i.e. one double bass bow and one viola bow, or one violin bow and one cello bow, etc.).

3.3 – It will be possible to take part in the competition as both instrument maker and bow maker provided that the above conditions are met.

Article 4

Instruments and bows entered must have been made entirely by the contestant within the two years prior to the competition.

Article 5 – Instruments

5.1 – Contestants have free choice in setting the pegs and tailpiece. For the convenience of the player, violins and violas should, if possible, be fitted with flat chin rests.

5.2 – Contestants may choose their strings at will, depending on the sound they wish their instruments to produce.

5.3 – Slight colour gradations in the varnish are authorized, although competing instruments must not resemble copies of antique instruments –no excessive wear to the edges, no marks, no added patina– as the aim of the competition is to encourage the production of modern instruments.
Scroll bevelling may be blackened.

5.4 – The following dimensions (in centimetres) must be respected:

- violin: 35,2 to 36 cm

- viola: 40 to 42 cm

- cello: 73 to 76 cm

- four-string double bass: vibrating string length between 102 and 108 cm.

Instruments that do not correspond to the above dimensions will be automatically disqualified.

5.5 – Neck thicknesses and widths, as well as the distances between strings, must be of generally accepted dimensions. The same holds true for the height and curve of the bridge. Instruments that are carelessly fitted-up and considered unplayable by the Jury will be disqualified.

5.6 – The position of the sound-post should be marked in pencil on the back of the instrument.

Article 6 – Bows

The stick must be made of pernambuco wood. The frog must exclusively be made of ebony and silver or ebony and gold.


Article 7

• Contestants must return application forms duly completed before September 30th, 2004 to the following address:

Concours Étienne Vatelot
3 rue des Couronnes
75020 Paris – France

• The entry fee is 100 € per instrument and 50 € per bow. Fees must be sent at the same time as the application.

• Fees must be paid by cheque payable to the order of "ACDA". Any supplementary charges regarding payment transactions must be borne by the applicants.

• Foreign applicants must ask their bank to establish a banker’s cheque on their behalf, made out in Euros and payable only through their correspondent bank in France (neither Eurocheques nor bank transfers will be accepted).

• No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or non-participation.


Article 8 – Instruments and bows hand-carried to the competition

• Instruments and bows, from France and from the other EU countries, hand-carried to the Competition must be delivered to the Competition hall on November 29th and 30th, at the following address:

Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris
22, rue Malher
75004 Paris - France

Deliveries must be made on those dates between 13:00 and 18:00

Instruments and bows, from outside the EU, hand-carried to the Competition must be attached to an ATA Carnet document.

Article 9 – Shipment of instruments and bows

• Instruments and bows shipped must reach

62 boulevard Ney 75893 Paris Cedex 18 - France
Tél. + 33 1 44 65 16 01 - Fax +33 1 44 65 16 00

the agent authorized by the Organizing Committee in charge of the reception and the customs clearance, before November 15th, 2004.

• All transportation tickets: Master airwaybills (by air) and C.m.r. (by land) must be consigned to: ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES.

• All transportation tickets: Master airwaybills (by air) and C.m.r. (by land) giving the details of the shipment must obligatorily be faxed to ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES on the day previous to shipment, together with a proforma invoice to “ACDA – Concours Étienne Vatelot”, including the following information:

- Last name, first name, address, telephone and fax numbers of the contestant;

- Customs value (as evaluated by the candidate) and bearing the mention “without commercial value”

- Instruments and bows are to be accompanied by a detailed written description of the instrument or bow, of the materials used, dimensions, date of construction;

- and including the words "for exhibition and compulsory return".

• For those instruments and bows accompanied by ATA carnet document, a written authority for obtaining customs clearance must be supplied in the name of ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES and double-sided copies of the ATA carnet document must be faxed to ABX.

• Shipment and packing costs shall be borne by the contestant up to arrival at the instrument and bow depot at the competition hall, or up to arrival in the customs area.

Any customs clearance fees due in France shall be borne by the Organizing Committee for instruments or bows shipped from abroad (outside of the EU).

The list of documents required in respect of customs formalities and other instructions concerning the shipment of instruments or bows will be sent to contestants upon request.

Article 10 – Return shipment of instruments and bows

Instruments and bows received will be returned to the contestant at his own expense by the Organizing Committee to the address indicated by the contestant.

Possible repacking costs, customs and shipment costs and fees shall be borne by contestants.
Shipment will be handled by ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES who will send each contestant an invoice for the shipment costs. Upon receipt of payment, ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES will, within the required administrative period, organize the return, if possible, using the same means of transport as the original shipment. If necessary, alternative solutions may be proposed to contestants by the Organizing Committee and by ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES.

If any participant does not wish the shipment carried out by ABX LOGISTICS ARTS & SPECTACLES, he must advise the Competition Committee accordingly

Article 11 - Insurance

11.1 – The participants must insure their instruments, bows and cases themselves, for the entire duration of the competition, including transportation from the participants’ premises to the competition hall and back, without interruption.

11.2 – Consequently, the competition organizers, persons for whom they are responsible, other participants, and all associations, persons, and companies that offer assistance in any form whatsoever, may not be held responsible for damage that instruments, bows, and cases may be subject; participants and candidates agree to forego all claims against the organizers, associations, companies, and persons mentioned above.

11.3 – Furthermore, each contestant remains responsible for the pecuniary consequences of his or her personal liability arising from damages of any nature (including bodily injury) caused to third parties due to instruments, bows, cases, or his or her presence or participation in the competition. By express agreement, no action may be taken against the persons mentioned in article 11.2 in this connection. Although this is not mandatory, candidates are advised to insure themselves against such risk.

Article 12

In the event of an exhibition being organized by the Organizing Committee, which will be decided before 30 June 2004, contestants will accept to leave their instruments and bows at the disposal of the Organizing Committee until 22nd. December, 2004.

Article 13

Instruments and bows will be shipped in their cases in one or more crates. Covers of crates will be screwed shut and not nailed, so that they may be removed intact and re-used for return shipment of instruments and bows to their owners. The addressee and the contestant’s name and address must be printed on each crate, on two sides.

Article 14

Each instrument and bow must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, intended for the Organizing Committee, and placed in the package, containing:

• the last name and first name of the instrument maker or bow maker;

• his or her exact address as well as the address where the instrument or bow is to be returned;

• the place and date of construction of the instrument or bow;

• a curriculum vitae and one photograph (13 cm x 18 cm) of the contestant bearing the name of the photographer and permission to publish;

• authorization to make small adjustments to the instrument or bow as part of the requirements of conducting the competition. Adjustments will be made by instrument makers or bow makers authorized by the Organizing Committee.

A spare set of strings must be placed in the package along with the instrument.


Article 15

The Jury will be made up of internationally renowned instrument makers and bow makers. Professional musicians will be involved in judging the final round. The Jury’s decisions will be final. Jury members will not be allowed to enter the competition as contestants.

Article 16

The competition is anonymous. Instruments and bows must not bear, inside or outside, any distinctive sign such as a label, a signature, or a brand name. No kind of concealment plates or coverings will be permitted.
Each instrument and bow will be assigned a number under the supervision of an official appointed by the Organizing Committee. The number will not appear on the case, package or envelope mentioned in article 14, which must only bear the name of the instrument maker or bow maker.

The list (one copy only), containing the numbers as well as the names of the instrument makers and bow makers will be held by the appointed official until the Jury has issued its final decisions.
Numbers will appear on adhesive labels attached to the instruments and bows.

Article 17

The competition will award two prizes for each category of instrument and bow.


Violin category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 4 500 €
offered by “Mécénat Musical Société Générale”.

- Second Prize 1 800 €

Viola category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 4 500 €

- Second Prize 1 800 €

Cello category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 4 500 €
offered by “Mécénat Musical Société Générale”.

- Second Prize 1 800 €

Double bass category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 4 500 €

- Second Prize 1 800 €


Violin category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 1 800 €

- Second Prize 1 000 €

Viola category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 1 800 €

- Second Prize 1 000 €

Cello category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 1 800 €

- Second Prize 1 000 €

Double bass category

- First Grand Prize of the City of Paris 1 800 €

- Second Prize 1 000 €

Article 18

In addition to the prizes mentioned in article 17, the Jury reserves the right to award additional special prizes or certificates of merit.

Article 19

Instruments that have been awarded the First Grand Prize of the City of Paris will be played by renowned musicians in a gala concert, on December 13th, 2004, in the Hôtel de Ville de Paris.

Article 20

The Organizing Committee reserves the exclusive right to take and distribute photographs of the instruments and bows submitted in the competition for distribution through any means of media support.

Article 21

In case of disputes, the jurisdiction of the court of Paris shall be the presiding court. The French version of the rules and regulations shall be the only legal basis with regard to such disputes.

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