Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris

Organ competition
5th Organ competition in June 2004, 1st to 9th


Article 1

The 5th Organ Competition is to be held in Paris, from June 1 to 9, 2004, as part of the Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris. The competition is being organised by ACDA.

Article 2

The competition is open to organists of all nationalities, born after June 1, 1969. It will take place in different churches in Paris, in the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris / CNR and at the Chapelle Royale du Château de Versailles. The programme has been drawn up according to the organ of each competition site.

The competition includes two categories: interpretation and improvisation. Contestants may compete in both categories.

Article 3 – Prizes

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (interpretation): 9 000 €

2nd Prize: 6 000 €

3rd Prize: 2 500 €

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris (improvisation): 5 000 €

Prize for the best performance of the work composed for the competition by Jean Guillou: 1 500 €

Prize for the most promising contestant, donated by SACEM: 1 500 €

Some of the prize-winners will be engaged for concert performances in France and abroad.

Article 4 – Jury

The Jury shall include international as well as French personalities. The pre-selection Jury will possibly be different.

The Jury shall deliberate at the end of each round and at the final round. In the event of a tie, the Jury Chairman’s decision shall carry the vote.

The Jury reserves the right not to award all prizes.

The Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris may not be shared.

The Jury may issue special distinctions.

The Jury shall not award a distinction to any contestant who fails to attain the second round and award a prize to contestants who reach the final.

The Jury’s decision is final.

Article 5 – Entry application form and pre-selection

Deadline for application: February 10th, 2004 (date on postmark)

A full entry application form must be sent to the Competition organisers’ address comprising the following:

- a sound recording of the best possible quality made by the contestant (K7, CD, minidisc), it will only contain the execution of the required programme and will not have undergone any editing,

- a copy of the score of the original published work by a living composer chosen by the contestant,

- the characteristics of the organ(s) used for the recording,

- duly completed, dated and signed application form,

- one letter of recommendation from a musical personality written and dated especially for the competition,

- a photocopy of identity document or passport,

- a curriculum vitae in French or English (maximum length: two typed pages) indicating institutions where musical studies were undertaken, most important teachers, any prizes obtained, and working status,

- one recent passport-format photograph,

- the application fee or any proof of payment (see Article 6).

The listening of the recordings by the pre-selection jury will be made anonymously.

The contestants will be informed of the results of the pre-selection from March 10th, 2004. The registration of the selected contestants will then be made final.

The score of Jean Guillou’s work, written for the competition, cannot be performed in public before the final of the competition. It will be sent to the contestants with the confirmation letter.

In order to take part in the Organ Competition, the contestants will have had to pay for the application fee as well as for the registration fee.

The recordings will be returned to the contestants upon request.

Article 6 – Application fee

The application fee (30 €) must be paid together with the application form. It cannot be refunded.

The Competition organisers must receive the sum netto. No costs whatsoever (such as change costs) are to be charged to the Competition organisers.

Means of payment:

- French cheque made out to ACDA Concours,

- cheque to be established by a foreign bank, drawn on a French bank, made out to ACDA Concours and written out in Euros,

- international money order sent from a post-office, to the attention of ACDA.

Article 7 – Registration fee

The registration fee is 40 €.

The participants who successfully pass the pre-selection round will pay the registration fee when drawing lots.

Means of payment will be explained later on.

Article 8 – Rounds

The competition will comprise two rounds and a final for the interpretation category and one round and a final for the improvisation category.

Contestants will receive a personal schedule for the rehearsals (date and time) for the first round.

Lots shall be drawn to determine the order of play. Contestants are required be present on this occasion. A second lot shall be drawn for the final round.

The characteristics of the organs used during the different rounds (interpretation and improvisation) will be sent to the contestants with the letter of confirmation.

The use of scores is allowed at all levels in both competitions. No photocopy will be authorized for published works.

For organs which are not equipped with memory combination action, or in the event of the failure of it, an assistant will be placed at the disposal of the contestants by the Competition organisers.

An appointed page-turner will assist the contestants to the exclusion of any other person.

Prior to each round, the contestants will have one rehearsal on the instrument. Dates and times of this rehearsal will be determined by the Competition organisers.

All rounds shall be open to public.

The final rounds will take place at the Chapelle Royale du Château de Versailles on June 7, 2004, in Sainte-Clotilde’s Basilica, on June 8, 2004 and in Saint-Eustache’s Church, on June 9 2004, with the participation of the Orchestre du Conservatoire supérieur de Paris, under the direction of Pierre-Michel Durand.

Article 9 – Accommodation

The Competition organisers can provide accommodation in university residences for contestants living outside of Greater Paris. Such accommodation must be requested on the application form.

The contestants who successfully pass the first round will receive a daily allowance of 30 € for the rounds in which they will have competed.

Article 10

Competition rounds may be recorded, broadcasted by radio or television without any remuneration for the contestants.

Article 11

The very fact of competing implies on the part of the contestants the acceptation of all the rules of the competition. Only the French version of these rules will take precedence. Disputes will be settled by the Paris authorities alone.

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