Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris

3rd organ competition

October 1st to 10th, 1999

rules 1999

Application and pre-selection
Travel and accommodation

The 3rd International Organ Competition will take place in Paris, from October 1st to 10th, 1999, in the framework of the "Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris". This competition is organized by "Acanthes".

This competition is open to organists of all nationalities, born after October 1st, 1964. It will take place in different places in Paris. The programme has been drawn up according to the organ of each competition site.
This competition includes two categories: interpretation and improvisation. Contestants may compete in both categories. In this case, they must perform the two entire series of works.


Interpretation Competition
Grand Prize of the City of Paris: 50 000 F
2nd Prize: 20 000 F

Improvisation Competition
Grand Prize of the City of Paris: 50 000 F.
Prize for the best interpretation of a work from the 20th Century, offered by the Salabert Editions: 15 000 F.
A special prize of 10 000 F may be awarded to a finalist of one of the two categories.
Prize for the best interpretation of the piece composed for the contest by Lionel Rogg: 10 000 F.
The Grand Prizes of each category will be engaged for concert performances in France and abroad.
The contestants selected for the final rounds who are not prizewinners will receive a Finalist's Certificate and a medal awarded by the City of Paris.
The jury reserves the right not to award all the prizes. The jury is entitled to grant special distinctions. The Grand Prizes of the City of Paris cannot be shared.

Application and preselection

Deadline for application: May 14th, 1999 included (date on postmark).
In order to procede to the preselection, the contestants must send a complete application dossier to the address of the competition, including the following documents:
- a sound recording of the best possible quality, made by the contestant; it will contain only the execution of the required programme, and will not have undergone any editing,
- a detailed description of the instrument(s) used for the recording,
- the application form, duly completed and signed,
- a photocopy of identity card or passport,
- a curriculum vitae written out in French or in English (maximum two type-written pages) mentioning schools, conservatories, musical studies, main teachers, awards, present professional status,
- two original letters of recommendation from two musical personalities, written and dated especially for the competition,
- two recent passport-size photographs intended for the programme of the competition.

The entrance fee of 400 F must be sent at the same time as the application. It must be paid only by cheque or by postal money order payable to the order of “Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris”. All payment transactions must be chargeable to the applicants.
In case of payment by cheque, foreign (non French) applicants must ask their bank to establish for them a cheque made out in French Francs and drawn on a French account only (neither Eurocheques nor bank transfers).
The listening of the recordings by the preselection jury will be made anonymously.
The results of the preselection will be made public by the end of June, 1999. The contestants will be informed immediately by mail. The registration of the selected contestants will then be made final.
Recordings will be returned to the contestants upon request.


The Interpretation Competition includes two eliminatory rounds and a final round.
The Improvisation Competition includes one eliminatory round and a final round.
The use of scores is allowed at all levels in both competitions. No photocopies will be authorized for published works.
For organs which are not equipped with selector switches, or in the event of the failure of such switches, an assistant will be placed at the disposal of the contestants by the Organizing Committee.
An appointed page-turner will assist the contestants to the exclusion of any other person.
Prior to each round, the contestants will have the possibility to practice on the instrument. The dates and hours of this practice will be determined by the Organizing Committee.
The contestants will play in an order determined by a ballot. They must be present on this occasion. A second ballot will take place for the final round.
All rounds will be held in public.
The final rounds will take place in Saint-Eustache’s Church, on October 9th, 1999.
The Award Ceremony will be held prior to the Prizewinners’ Concert on October 10th, 1999, in Saint-Eustache’s Church.
All rounds may be recorded and/or broadcasted by the radio or the television, in full or in part. In this case, contestants and finalists can claim neither fees nor royalties on subsequent recording or broadcasts.

Travel and accommodation

All travel expenses are to be paid by the contestants.
The Organizing Committee will pay for the accommodations in university lodging conditions (two persons per room) for contestants who reside neither in Paris nor its suburbs and who formulate their request on the application form.


The jury will be comprised of international personalities and presided by Jacques Taddei. The preselection jury may be different.
The decisions of the jury will be drawn up and adopted according to a voting protocol defined by the Organizing Committee. All decisions of the jury will be final.

The very fact of competing implies on the part of the contestants the acceptation of all the rules of the competition. Only the French version of these rules will take precedence. Disputes will be settled by the Paris authorities alone.
The Organizing Committee will see to the strict respect of the various clauses of these rules.


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