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 !  Concours de flûte Jean-Pierre Rampal: from 23 September to 4 October 2008

Jean-Pierre-Rampal Flute Competition

Rules 2008

Article 1

The 8th Jean-Pierre Rampal International Flute Competition is to be held in Paris, from 23 September to 4 October 2008, as part of the Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris. The competition is organised by the Association pour la Création et la Diffusion Artistique (ACDA).

The Jury will be comprised of international musicians and be presided over by Philippe Bernold.

Article 2

The contest is open to flutists of all nationalities born after 23 September 1978.

After due consideration of candidates' applications by a selection committee made up for that purpose, the Competition Organisers shall be the sole judges of their eligibility to compete. It reserves the right to audition some of the candidates at this stage, either through a public audition, or on the basis of a recorded aid. Some news regarding this matter will be given subsequently.

A list of successful candidates shall be posted on our website on Monday, 23 June 2008.

Candidates will also receive personal notification by e-mail.

Article 3 – Dossier for inscription

For admission to the competition a completed application form must be sent to the Competition address, the latest date for entries is Friday 16 May 2008 (postmark date validates) and it must include the following documents:

Curriculum vitae, photocopy of the identity card or passport and photograph preferably sent by are welcome.

- the inscription form, duly completed, dated and signed,

- a photocopy of the candidate’s identity card or passport, or any other equivalent official document of identity,

- a curriculum vitae written in French or English (maximum 2 typed pages) stating names of schools of music attended, the main teachers, awards/diplomas obtained, their current professional situation,

- a short biography in French or English (maximum 7 typed lines)

- two original letters of recommendation from recognised musicians, written for the purposes of this competition,

- a recent colour photograph, minimum dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with mention of family name and first name at the back,

- the required payment or a document confirming payment of the inscription charge (article 4).

Given the hazards of postal mail, the applicant will send an e-mail to mention the mailing date of his application.

Article 4 – Inscription charge

The inscription charge is fixed at 30 € and must be sent at the same time as the inscription. This charge cannot be reimbursed. Candidates must send this sum net of any extras charges or costs relating to participation in the competition.

Method of payment with mention of the family name of the applicant:

- by French cheque made out to ACDA in Euros

- by a foreign bank drawn on a French account made out to ACDA in Euros

- by bank transfer in Euros, RIB [full bank details]

- by international postal mandate in favour of ACDA in Euros

- by money transfer (via international agencies) in Euros

- by cash in Euros

Article 5 – Registration fee

The registration fee is fixed at 40 €. Candidates selected must pay the registration fee at the time of the drawing of lots; details of the method of payment will be supplied later.

Article 6 – Accommodation

The Competition Organisers can organise accommodation in university residences (single or twin rooms) or with a family, for contestants living outside of Paris or the Paris region and who have made a request for such accommodation on the inscription form.

Those contestants who successfully pass the first eliminatory round will have their accommodation expenses paid for during the rounds in which they will compete. In this case, the contestants will receive a daily allowance of 39 €.

Article 7 – Visa

Contestants requiring a visa to take part in the Competition are requested to organise this themselves. If a letter of invitation is required for visa purposes, candidates may request this from the Competition Organisers.

Article 8 – Programme

First Round

1/ Jean-Sébastien Bach : Sonata in C major BWV 1033 (played flute solo)

2/ Leonardo de Lorenzo : Extracted from the opus 34 « Il Non plus ultra del Flautista » - 14e Capriccio: « Allegro di Concerto dramatico » - Zimmermann

3/ One of the following:

Gilbert Amy : 5/16 for flute solo - Billaudot
or Elliott Carter : Scrivo in vento for flute solo - Boosey
or Franco Donatoni : Nidi for piccolo solo (please choose one of the two movements - to be played with the piccolo) - Ricordi
or Olivier Knussen : Mask for flute solo (from the beginning up to figure 5b) - Faber Music
or Bruno Mantovani : Früh for flute solo - Lemoine

Second round

1st part:

1/ Jean-Marie Leclair : One of the following

Sonata for flute and Basso continuo in E minor op.9 n°2
or Sonata for flute and Basso continuo in G major op.9 n°7
or Sonata for flute and Basso continuo in E minor op.2 n°1

2/ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Rondo in D major K.Anh 184, for flute and piano

3/ One of the following:

Karl Joachim Andersen : Ballade et danse des Sylphes for flute and piano - Billaudot
or Paul Taffanel : Grande fantaisie sur Mignon for flute and piano - Billaudot
or Theobald Boehm : Variations sur « le Désir », valse de Schubert op.21 for flute and piano

2nd part:

1/ One of the following:

André Jolivet : Sonate for flute and piano - Leduc
or Francis Poulenc : Sonate for flute and piano - Chester
or Jindrich Feld : Sonate for flute and piano - Leduc

2/ Hugues Dufourt : New piece specially composed for the competition for solo flute *
(Commissioned by musique nouvelle en liberté - circa eight minutes)

*The score will be sent to contestants one month before the Competition starts.

Final round

1/ Karl Reinecke : Konzert für flöte und Orchester in D major op. 283
Olivier Messiaen
: Le Merle Noir for flute and piano - Leduc

2/ A free programme not exceeding twenty minutes of works (or movements of works) for solo flute or flute and piano or flute and harpsichord.

For the first two rounds, contestants may choose the order of works to be played.

Candidates wishing to change their order of repertoire must advise the Competition Organisers in writing by e-mail or by post not later than Friday, 5 September 2008.

Article 9 – Drawing of lots

Lots shall be drawn on Tuesday 23 September 2008 to determine the order of play. Contestants are required to be present in person on this occasion.

A second drawing of lots shall be held to determine order of play in the final round.

All rounds shall be open to the public.

Article 10 – Rounds

The first two rounds will take place in the Conservatoire national de région de Paris, 14 rue de Madrid 75008 Paris.

The final round will take place on Friday 3 October 2008 at the Salle Gaveau with the Orchestre national d’Île de France, conducted by Kentaro Kawase.

Article 11 – Rehearsals

For the second and the final round, the Competition Organisers will provide a pianist and a harpsichordist for the contestants.

Two rehearsal sessions will be provided by the Competition Organisers.

Contestants may bring an accompanist, at their own expense.

Article 12 – Jury

Following each round including the final, the Jury shall meet and make his decisions according to modalities previously known by each member of the Jury. In the event of a tie, the Jury Chairman holds the casting vote.

The Jury reserves the right not to award all prizes.

The Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris cannot be shared.

The Jury may issue special distinctions.

The Jury may only award prizes to contestants who have reached the second round.

The Jury's decision is final.

Article 13 – Prizes and prizewinners’ concert

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris : 10 000 €

The Yamaha Company will offer an ebony flute YFL894W having a value of 10 750€ to the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris.

The Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris will receive a “super soliste” piccolo, offered by Allain Cadinot – Paris and Verne Q. Powell Inc. – Boston (grenadilla model, solid silver keys, white gold springs).

The winner of the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris will benefit from a contract for the recording of a Compact-disc offered by the Association Jean-Pierre Rampal.

The Orchestre National d’Île de France will invite the Grand Prix to perform on the occasion of a private soirée at the Salle Pleyel on October 9 2008.

He will also benefit from an engagement offered by the Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije.

2nd Prize – Prize donated by the Académie des Beaux-Arts: 7 000 €

3rd Prize : 4 000 €

4th Prize – Prize donated by the Fonds pour la Création Musicale: 3 000 €

Prize for the young soloist: 2 000 €

Prize for the best performance of a work by Hugues Dufourt, offered by Sacem: 2 000 €

On the occasion of its musical season, the Musée de l’Armée (Army Museum) will propose an engagement to the winner of its choice.

On the occasion of its 2009 musical season, the Estivales de musique au cœur du Médoc will propose an engagement on 8th July 2009, to the winner of their choice.

On the occasion of its 2009 musical season, the festival de Boucard will propose an engagement to the winner of its choice.

One of the winners will benefit from a full overhauling of his flute (Straubinger plugs), offered by "Flautissimo" in Geneva

Prizewinners will also be called upon for further performances; details are to be posted in due course.

The Competition Organisers should not be held as responsible for troubles, which might crop up in the organization of these events.

Given the close connection between flute and harp repertoires as well as the relationship which bound Lily Laskine and Jean-Pierre Rampal together during their musical life, it has been decided to associate these two Competitions during the same season.

Thus, a common prizewinner concert will be given in the Salle Gaveau (Paris) on Saturday, 4 October 2008 with the Orchestre national d’Île de France conducted by Kentaro Kawase and will comprise the interpretation of the Concerto for flute, harp and orchestra K.299 from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart among other pieces.

Article 14 – Broadcasting

Competition rounds and the prizewinners’ concert may be broadcasted by radio or television without remuneration to the contestants.

Article 15

Participation in the competition implies contestants’ full acceptance of the Rules. In the event of a dispute, only the French language version of these Rules is binding.

 !  Concours Jean-Pierre Rampal

Awards 2008

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris 2008, Seiya Ueno, Japan

2e Prix - Prix de l'Académie des Beaux Arts : Lukasz Dlugosz, Poland

3e Prix : Jocelyn Aubrun, France

4e Prix : Megan Emigh, U.S.A.

Prix du jeune soliste : Ji Hoon Shin, Korea

Prix pour la meilleure interprétation de l'œuvre d'Hugues Dufourt, offert par la Sacem : Raquel Lima, Portugal

Mentions :
Stella Daoues,
Matteo Evangelisti, Italy
Julia Somogyi, Hungary

Clément Dufour
Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris

Magali Mosnier
3rd Prize 2001

Rozália Szabó, 2e Prix 1998
with Jean-Pierre Rampal

Rozália Szabó, 2e Prix 1998
with Pascal Dusapin

The latest date for entries is Friday 16 May 2008 (postmark date validates)

3, rue des Couronnes
75020 Paris

Concours 2005

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris :
Clément Dufour

2nd Prize : Denis Bouriakov

3rd Prize : Ayako Takagi

4th Prize : Birgit Ramsl

Prize for the best performance of Run Before Lightning by Jonathan Harvey
Katalin Nagy

Prize for the young soloist:
Megan Emigh

Prix Irina décerné à un candidat appartenant à la Fédération de Russie ou de la République d'Ukraine : Denis Bouriakov

Matthieu Gauci-Ancelin
Marion Ralincourt
Loïc Schneider

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