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Concours Rostropovitch 2009

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Given the hazards of postal mail, the applicant will send an to mention the mailing date of his application

Moreover it would be better to send curriculum vitae, photocopy of the identity card or passport and photograph by .

Contestants must send a completed application form to the Competition address, the latest date for entries is Saturday 9 May 2009 (postmark date validates).

Article 3 – Dossier for inscription

Contestants must send a completed application form to the Competition address, the latest date for entries is Saturday 9 May 2009 (postmark date validates) and it must include the following documents:. .

- the inscription form, duly and legibly completed, dated and signed

- a photocopy of the candidate’s identity card or passport, or any other equivalent official document of identity

- a curriculum vitae written in French or English (maximum 2 typed pages) stating names of schools of music attended, the main teachers, awards/diplomas obtained, their current professional situation

- a short biography in French or English (maximum 7 typed lines)

- two original letters of recommendation from recognised musicians, written for the purposes of this competition

- a colour photograph taken by latest six months ago, minimum dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with mention of surname and first name at the back

- the required payment or a document confirming payment of the inscription charge (article 5)


Article 4 – Acceptation

After due consideration of candidates' applications by a selection committee made up for that purpose, the Competition Organisers shall be the sole judges of their eligibility to compete.

A list of successful candidates shall be posted on our website on Monday, 22 June 2009.

Candidates will also receive personal notification by e-mail.


Article 5 – registration charge

The registration charge is fixed at 30 € and must be sent at the same time as the registration. This charge cannot be reimbursed. Candidates must send this sum net of any extras charges or costs relating to participation in the competition.

Method of payment with mention of surname of the applicant:

- by French cheque made out to ACDA in Euros

- by a cheque issued by a foreign bank, drawn on a French bank, to the order of ACDA and drafted in euros,

- by bank transfer in Euros - RIB pdf

- by international postal mandate in favour of ACDA in Euros

- by money transfer (via international agencies) in Euros

- by cash in Euros


Article 6 – Registration fee

The registration fee is fixed at 40 €.

Candidates selected must pay the registration fee at the time of the drawing of lots; details of the method of payment will be supplied later.


Article 7 – Accommodation

The Competition Organisers can organise accommodation in university residences (single or twin rooms) or with a family, for contestants living outside of Paris or the Paris region and who have made a request for such accommodation on the application form.

Those contestants who successfully pass the first eliminatory round will have their accommodation expenses paid for during the rounds in which they will compete. In this case, the contestants will receive a daily allowance of 40 €.


Article 8 – Visa

Contestants requiring a visa to take part in the Competition are requested to organise this themselves. If a letter of invitation is required for visa purposes, candidates may request this from the Competition Organisers.


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