Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris

Martial Solal piano-jazz competition

next competition in 2006

Age limit : 35 years old

rules in the making, full information will be available in 2005

3 rue des Couronnes - 75020 Paris - France
Tel. 33 (0)1 40 33 45 35
Fax 33 (0)1 40 33 45 38

competition 1998

Article 1.

The 2nd Martial Solal international Jazz Piano Competition will take place in Paris, from September 26 to October 4, 1998, in the framework of the "Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris". This competition is organized by Acanthes association.

Article 2.

The Jury will be comprised of eminent international musicians and presided by Martial Solal.

Article 3.

This competition is open to high-level jazz pianists of all nationalities, born after September 26, 1963.

Article 4. Registration and preselection

Deadline for registration : July 15, 1998 (date on postmark)
In order to procede to the preselection, the applicants must send a complete registration dossier to the address of the competition including the following documents :
- a recorded musical performance of ten minutes minimum, on the recording material of their choice,
- the application form, duly completed and signed,
- a photocopy of an identity card, passport or any official document in lieu of,
- a curriculum vitae written out in French or in English (maximum two type-written pages) mentioning schools, conservatories, musical studies, main teachers, awards and present professional status,
- a recent small identity photograph,
- the payment or a receipt showing payment of the entrance fee according to procedure mentioned in Article 5.
The Organizing Committee alone is entitled to decide on the acceptance of the candidatures, upon examination of the dossiers. The results of the preselection will be made public on August 4, 1998. The candidates will be informed immediately by mail. The registration of the selected contestants will then become final.

Article 5. Entrance fee

a) The entrance fee of 400 F must be sent at the same time as the application. It must be paid only by cheque or by postal money order payable to the order of "Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris". All payment transactions must be chargeable to the applicants.
b) In case of payment by cheque, foreign (non French) applicants must ask their bank to establish for them a cheque made out in French Francs and drawn on a French account only (neither Eurocheques nor bank transfers).
c) The entrance fee will be refunded only in case an application should be refused.

Article 6. Rounds

The contestants selected to participate in the competition will have to enter the following rounds and respect the imposed time limits. The contestants may play with scores.
First eliminatory round
Maximum duration : 15 minutes - order to be chosen by the candidate
- An original composition by the contestant for piano solo
- A piece to be chosen by the contestant among jazz standards, to be performed with a rhythm section (bass and drums)
Second eliminatory round
Maximum duration : 30 minutes - imposed order
1) A piece to be chosen by the contestant among the three following jazz standards, to be performed with a rhythm section :
- All the Things you are, by Jerome Kern
- Body and Soul, by John Green
- Satin Doll, by Duke Ellington
2) A duo with a string or a wind soloist which will be known at the beginning of the eliminatory rounds
3) An original composition by the contestant for piano solo
Final round
Maximum duration : 30 minutes - imposed order
1) An original composition by the contestant for piano solo, of a maximum duration of two minutes thirty seconds
2) A piece arranged for an ensemble of seven or eight musicians in which the piano will hold the soloist part. The score will be given to the candidate at the time of the rehearsal with the ensemble.
3) A piece to be chosen by the contestant among jazz standards, to be performed with a rhythm section
4) A free improvisation for piano solo.
The pieces to be performed must be different for each round.

Article 7.

The contestants will play in an order determined by a ballot on September 25, 1998. They must imperatively and personally be present on this occasion. A second ballot will take place for the final round. All rounds will be held in public.

Article 8.

The contestants must play with the musicians (rhythm sections, soloists and ensemble) provided by the Organizing Committee. The rhythm sections and the soloists will be assigned to the contestants according to the playing order determined by the ballot.
The contestants will be given :
1) one rehearsal of thirty minutes for the duo piece for the second round ;
2) one rehearsal of thirty minutes for the ensemble piece for the final round.

Article 9. Prizes

1st Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris : 70 000 F
The winner of the 1st Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris will be offered several engagements to be announced later.
2nd Grand Prize : 50 000 F
3rd Prize : 30 000 F
4th Prize : 20 000 F
Prize for the most promising performer : 10 000 F

Article 10.

The Jury will go into deliberation at the end of each eliminatory round as well as after the final round. In the event of a tie, the President will have the deciding vote. The decisions of the Jury are final.

Article 11.

The Jury reserves the right not to award all the prizes. The jury is entitled to grant special distinctions to contestants having entered the second eliminatory round. The 1st Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris cannot be shared. For the other prizes, in the event of a tie, the award will be divided.

Article 12.

Following the Awards Ceremony, a concert will be given, on October 4, 1998, with the participation of the winners.

Article 13.

Travel and accommodations
All travel expenses are to be paid by the contestants.
When requested in the application form, the Organizing Committee will arrange accommodations in university lodging conditions (two persons per room), for constestants who reside neither in Paris nor it suburbs.
The Organizing Committee will refund the lodging expenses of candidates who successfully pass the first eliminatory round and during the rounds in which they will have competed, on the basis of a daily allowance of 150 F, upon presentation of an invoice.

Article 14.

The different rounds and the prizewinners' concert may be broadcast on radio or on television for which the contestants will not receive any financial retribution.

Article 15.

The very fact of competing implies the acceptation by the contestants of all the rules concerning the competition. In the event of any litigation, the French version of the rules will take precedence.

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